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Cost and Risks:
  • As a prudent and educated consumer, you want to be careful of any company that is aggressively promoting one product as a solution for everyone's needs.  
  • We'd like to be clear to say that Mortgage Acceleration is not the solution for everyone, and even if it would benefit you, it still may not be an "emotional fit." It should simply be considered side by side with other options to finance and/or pay down the balance on your home.  
  • Though most Mortgage Acceleration companies do charge an actual fee for their service, we do not. In some cases, fees can be quite large, up to $4000. Even though MA should save you plenty of money to be worth such an investment, we are committed to free education with the same or higher quality than the competition. Just as you wouldn't want to be charged for someone telling that hybrid cars are available, we do not believe you should be charged for learning that MA is available.  
  • That said, there can be transaction costs involved in restructuring your mortgages to fit into an MA program. Depending on your current loans, it may be necessary to refinance or obtain one additional loan. These costs are not charged by us, and are no different than the average costs associated with refinancing your home.  
  • The operational risks of MA are manageable but important to discuss, nonetheless. The structure of an MA program will likely involve very common types of loans. Since you don't pay any money for the program itself and since you are not obligated to make payments in any more stringent way than normal, the financial risk of MA is equivalent to a normal refinance of your home.  
  • The main risk is that the MA program, although designed to minimize it, requires a certain level of discipline. If you abuse the program, you will have access to higher amount of liquid cash than you are accustomed to. Because of this, you run the risk of doing what so many other Americans do: spend more money than you make.  
  • Your biggest risk in MA is that you will simply maintain your current situation, and possibly incur more debt. If you are credit worthy, seek credit, and use it, this is something you are likely to do with or without our assistance.  
  • To account for this potential risk, we make every effort to educate, prepare, and prevent you from treating MA like any other mortgage. Once you've seen our presentation, we think you'll be enthusiastic about the potential to pay off your home.