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Benefits of Mortgage Acceleration:
  • When executed appropriately, Mortgage Acceleration effectively allows the homeowner to completely pay of their mortgages and, in some cases, all of their debts in about half the time of a standard fixed mortgage.
  • The structure of our MA plan allows great flexibility in terms of repayment options and access to your equity.
  • The average MA participant will earn more effective interest return than an equally disciplined individual that focuses on investments, and they will do this with considerably less effort
  • Since MA focuses on rapidly reducing the principal balance of your home, it eliminates several of the risks and downsides of high mortgage balances such as inability to refinance, inability to sell, and, because MA consistently reduces required mortgage payments, it also eliminates the risk of your mortgage payment becoming unaffordable if your income decreases.
  • Though MA reduces the amount of money banks earn from your business, it actually improves your standing with banks as it shows your ability to satisfy a debt that only 4% of the population ever does.